Toll Free Voicemail for Real Estate Professionals

Special Advantages of Automated Messaging for Real Estate Professionals

You've just found a truly amazing automated system that's specifically designed for the special needs of real estate professionals. More than voicemail and its everyday benefits, this system lets you:

  • Create a 24/7 information center for audio recordings about as many as 500 property listings
  • See exactly how callers are moving through your voice system and how many "hits" you've had on each extension
  • Customize templates for flyers and postcards
  • Customize ready-to-send letters and faxes
  • See which of your advertising methods is working best!

Then there's the WebLINK control panel for moneysaving efficiency and ease...

and voice and fax messages coming to you by email...

and Fax-on-Demand to deliver special printed information...

and the everyday voicemail system that works for you as no human can. Day in, day out, around the clock, around your world... you can run your business from anywhere! You just set the system to...

transfer live calls to you or take messages

track you down by rapidly dialing as many different numbers as you want

ring your phones only during the hours and days you specify

tell you who's calling before you accept

take messages when you're not available

call you when you have a message

You'll never miss a call
and your line is never busy

Enhance your image, productivity and profits with AdTrakker: the best in toll free voicemail, virtual office and unified messaging systems exclusively for real estate professionals





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