Toll Free Voicemail for Churches

Special Advantages of Automated Messaging for Churches

In addition to its many day-to-day benefits, our automated voice system can be a big help to churches that are operating with limited staff and volunteers. For example, you can customize our system with outgoing voice recordings that keep members and prospective members informed about church programs, activities and events. People can call in any time, 24/7 to access the information. And if you choose to add our WebLINK with its VoiceBlaster, you can record a given message once and broadcast it to all the telephone numbers in your membership database. 

And so, our system becomes a recorded information center containing latest information on virtually any subject, for example:

About our church
Directions to our church
Schedule of Services
Counseling programs
Group activities
A daily message from the pastor
Other available resources
Special services for people in need
Fund raising programs
Youth programs
Whatever you wish!

You can also use Fax-on-Demand to send printed information that doesn't change too often. For example, a map to your church, regular programs and activities, etc. Callers simple enter their fax number and the system sends whatever document they request, instantly.

Reduce the workload and advance the work of your church with the best in toll free voicemail, virtual office and unified messaging systems.





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